Halo 5 Launch Day

GRG Xbox One owners. Halo 5 Drops on 10/27. Sound off here and lets get some parties together. There will be staff members running Co-Op and Multiplayer rooms on launch day. Invites will be spammed but also feel free to just jump into rooms.

Also join our company on Halo Waypoint.

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I’ll be out of town during launch.

Will be out of town at launch…with Digital??? That’s for us to know.

I will be on and spamming invites to everyone except @anon3687162. Cause he is not dedicated to the clan.


I’ll be on and spamming invites. I’ll send some over to Jammer that his broken XBox won’t receive.

Oh so like the preview program then…got it.

It has to be your Xbox’s problem. That’s all I can figure. Yours is broken.

And @Lala_Calamari too I guess.


I am in for that.
Should be good to go by 5pm that day, and good to go for the evening.

I’ll be on from 12:01-2am, then again the next morning and early afternoon.

Be on in a day or two , no big hurry buying the game.

I’m going to be playing that day. Most likely at 4pm est.

I will be on for sure!

There will be a 9G download needed on Day One to play the game .

The 9 gig download is for physical copies, if you buy it digitally it’s included in the 55 gig preload.

I will be on by 5 pm eastern.


I’ll be on around 9ish EST and looking for a Warzone room. If none are going, I’ll start it. Lets test out this 12 man XBox Party system!

I will probably be on for this. So far I’m having a blast…just need people to play with haha.