Halo 5?

First impressions? Let’s hear what yall think… I’ve not gotten it yet, still on the fence.

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Haven’t got around to it yet. Just got the Xbox and playing master chief collection atm. Wanne get the story right. :slight_smile:
Add me to playerlist if you wanne join…

I am liking it so far. Only have a few games in so far but having fun and like the req system in warzone.


Love it so far played a few missions on legendary. Its a little easier than recent titles because you have allies that rez you.

That matchmaking needs some tweaking for sure. I’ve played 20 matches so far, some with randoms and others with GRG last night, I’ve won five of them. Now, I’m not the best FPS player in the world, but I’m no slouch either, in BF4 I’m often in the top 3 and when we played against each other I did very, very well. Maybe a large part of my complaint is ego, but I just shouldn’t be losing so consistently. If the 25% win percentage continues I think I’ll be done with it pretty quickly.

Also, the elite kill stealing is some bullshit. Last night there were several occasions where we’d get an elite down to 90% and the enemy would roll in, kill us while we’re distracted and steal the kill. It seemed to happen every time.

Like Jackal , I am still on the fence about this game , which is the first Halo game I did not buy on day one . My faith in 343i is lacking because of the last two Halo fails they did ( MCC was their most dumbest mistake , that should have been just a copy/paste game with better graphics , that instead turned it a fucking mess and to this day … Still is not right ) and I just don’t think they can make a good Halo .

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In 343’s defense, MMC was hodgepodged together with different studios farmed out to do each title and multiplayer. 343 really he very little to do with it development-wise.

yeah i usually dont even go for the elites. they take quite a bit to take take down unless you have a good amount of people there.

I will admit i have sniped a few people while they were messing with the pve elements of the game.

Thanks for all the input. I was also kinda on the fence about this title. I saw a lot of ya’ll playing it and wondered if I should check it out. I think I’m going to wait for Black Ops 3 for my multiplayer fix. Cheers!