Halo for the Harry Potter fans

Someone made a Halo 5 Qudditch Map.

Just because you live in a world of aliens and high-tech sci-fi gadgetry doesn’t mean you can’t believe in magic. And if you don’t believe me, just watch these supersoldier Spartans from Halo 5 glide and fly around a Quidditch field, fighting to dunk balls through the opposing team’s hoops (sorry, no Golden Snitch yet).

To download xXHugabearXx’s “Quidditch Arena” map, simply search for the creator’s Gamertag in Halo 5. Once you’ve done that, nothing to do but take to the skies and have fun - oh, and watch out for gravity hammers.


Need to get this map / gamemode when we return to Monday Night Halo once the shiny penny of The Division wears off.

Is Hermoine in the map? Asking for a friend…