Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass will offer earnable Credits

As per an update over on Halo Waypoint from 343’s Jerry Hook, you will soon be able to earn Credits by working your way through Halo Infinite’s Season 2 Batte Pass, instead of having to purchase them outright. The studio says it will share more on the change when Season 2 draws near. Halo Infinite Season 2 is expected to begin sometime in May, though 343 is yet to confirm this.

In the update, Hook also spoke more on the changes to Halo Infinite’s Store. Hook said the team has begun rolling out changes to how items are bundled and priced in the Store, with the focus on “reducing pricing across the board.” This week, you will soon see individual items appear for sale in the Store on their own.

Hook then went on to talk about Challenges that require Big Team Battle to complete. 343 recently released a hotfix that was designed to fix Big Team Battle’s matchmaking issues, though as per the studio, it failed to work. Hook says 343 will remove the Challenges related to Big Team Battle until the issues are resolved, though this change won’t take place until the Weekly Challenges rollover.


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Sadly, Season 2 is 99 days away. It’s supposed to bring Forge and Co-Op and rumors of new maps. Hoping the game isn’t dead by then.

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Is BTB going to be similar to Warzone mode? PvPvE? or just larger PVP? I really do miss that part of H5. As I have difficulty “getting-gud” I felt like I was able to participate, even though I was playing with much better players. Similar to Frontier Defense in Titanfall 2.

Not that I have heard about. I’m surprised they dropped this game mode and was hoping it would of returned or updated.

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