Halo Infinite update to include achievement fixes, anti-cheat improvements, and more

343 Industries has given an overview of Halo Infinite’s upcoming mid-season update, which will include fixes for Halo Infinite’s achievements, “multiple improvements” for the game’s anti-cheat, and more.

Over on Halo Waypoint, Halo’s senior community manager John Junyszek has detailed what we can expect from the update, which will likely roll out to players later this week. According to Junyszek, we can expect some improvements to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, specifically around reducing rubberbanding around vehicles and vehicle debris. The update will also add “new telemetry that specifically focuses on gathering more data around instances of being shot around walls or corners.” Junyszek stresses that the changes made with this update “does not signify the end of the road” and that the team is making progress with Halo Infinite’s networking issues and will update players when it has more to share.

Halo Infinite’s campaign, including its achievements, will also get some love with this update. “We’ll see multiple improvements in the Campaign experience,” said Junyszek. “Whether it’s addressing issues with achievements unlocking or returning to the game via Quick Resume, the team has been working on a handful of fixes for campaign since launch and there will be more on the way.” Junyszek doesn’t say what achievement or campaign fixes will be coming but does note that more details will be revealed in the update’s patch notes sometime this week.

The update will also include various stability and performance improvements on both console and PC, a fix for some first-person animations, “multiple improvements” for Halo Infinite’s anti-cheat, and a change to the Big Team Battle Motion Tracker, which increases the range from 18 meters to 24 meters.

Halo Infinite’s mid-season update is expected to roll out on Thursday.


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I’m hoping they fix the bullets around corners. Sometimes Halo feels like CoD. Had it happen the other night. Firing my BR strafing around a pillar. Was clearly behind it and still died.

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