Halo Infinite Winter Update

Coming to Halo November 8th

  • Campaign Network Co-Op
  • Halo Forge Open Beta
  • 30 Tier Battle pass - Free
  • 2 new maps.
    • Detachment - BTB map?
      • First Teleporter
    • Argyle
  • Match XP
    • Earn XP just by playing.
    • Earn more XP for winning
  • 2 new Events
  • New Game Mode
    • Covert One-Flag
      • First Asymmetrical mode
      • Attackers have unlimited Camo
      • Defenders have threat sensors

Looks like we’ll have some GRG Halo Custom nights soon! I’m looking forward to Halo Forge.


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Here is to hoping Forge can resuscitate this game.

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At least we’ll have some GRG Halo Customs. I’m fine with that.