Hardline Dead?

That was fast, it seems that there is no more interest in Hardline anymore. Anyone still interested in this title. If not, I’m thinking of trading it in towards TESO (with BF4 and CoD AW).

I think I am gonna trade it in also. I would rather go back to Battlefield 4. We play conquest most of the time anyway.

Yeah, it’s rough. We really aren’t a BF clan. We try to like BF games but they never hold our attention. Hardline was really just an add on to BF4.

I’d still play it but there is NO ONE else playing it right now. And playing it solo just sucks.

BFH took a back seat fir me when MKX came out then I got into playing Iron Banner on Destiny. I’m going to keep it around just in case.

Even if we were playing it Witcher 3, Teso, and Destiny DLC is around the corner. It would be put on the back burner then.

Got $33 for it at Gamestop. There was just not enough progression. I didn’t want to go through the impossible challenges for the syndicates or save up $10M for a wolf mask. Price will bottom out soon so get while the gettin’s good

The mask actually costs nothing you just have to have $10M saved up to unlock it supposedly. Sooo Stupid!!

Yeah, mine is going back to trade-in at Best Buy either today or in the next day or two. Just haven’t been drawn to play it, and now have both Bloodborne and Last of Us Remastered to keep me busy until TESO (maybe) and Arkham Knight (hell ya).

You should get TESO. It looks like we’ll have a rather large group playing. I’m really excited for it.

I’m still into it, but I’m a battlefield noob, so I’m enjoying the difference in it from cod. Tried to join platoon, but haven’t heard anything in response

I accepted your request. We’re so bad at following third party clan apps. You really need to let us know you want in. That goes for CoD or Destiny.

Understood. I’d like into the cod one as well then, while we’re at it. I’m new to all this, I usually just run around solo getting killed so playing with people I should be fun

Which console?

Xbox One. Psshh what else lol

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Looked a little more into it (TESO), and some of the PvP looked remarkably like an MMO from waay back…Shadowbane or Dark Age of Camelot. Large scale, realm-on-realm fights…which is VERY attractive. Will pick your collective brains in the chat for more info as I haven’t been tracking the game to date.

I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of gaming ADHD. We still have a ton of people playing Destiny and a solid core playing CoD (which was the game this clan focused on since MW1).

Battlefield games were never a mainstay with this clan. And for whatever reason, Hardline did not capture this clans attention. Or anyone’s. I think there’s only 14k people playing on the XB1.

I think that’s also a product of the games we’ve been getting. Titanfall was supposed to be all that, but it wasn’t. BF4 is just a remake of 3. CoD is CoD. That’s really been it for shooters other than Destiny.

Guild Wars 2!

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Although I think I’ve finally stopped playing GW2. At least until the Expansion pack. Did get my monies worth out of that game.