Harmonix admits that employees posted favorable RB4 reviews

Game Informer reports that a rumor posted yesterday on Reddit is true - their employees have been posting favorable reviews of Rock Band 4 on retailer sites.

I know this is hardly news, but in the wake of Amazon revealing they were going after people who posted misleading reviews for products, is there anything that can truly be done about it?

A company is going to post positive reviews of their products if they believe in it. I don’t have a problem with that but Fuck just say I helped make this game and I think its awesome, don’t lie about who you are

There’s the part I don’t like. If you’re going to post a review as an employee, you need to disclose who you are, and it needs to not count on the rating on the site. Also, if a flood of employees review, that skews the rating at least short term.

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Meh, i usually only take reviews with a grain of salt as it is. Most of the time i am looking for a reoccurring theme within all the reviews. A single review will not make me buy a product and i only look at reviews if i am interested in it.

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If you can’t say your an employee in a review it seems to throw a red flag to me. But honestly, I with @Grex, I take any online review, especially a game review, with a huge chunk of salt. Everyone’s experience is different with a medium like video games, so I will usually not hate or hype until I try it.

Aren’t most reviews bought anymore?

“I love GRG. Great group to game with.”


Still waiting for payment on that one.

Not only is that posted by a shill, it’s bold faced lie!

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If it’s not bots, I don’t think it’s “illegal”

Sort of in the same vein. Check out the south park episode about Yelp reviewers.

I’ve been meaning to check that out. I’ve heard it was funny.

40%+ reviews on Amazon start off I was given this product to give it a review. If Joe Schmo can tell whats up. I expect the maker of a product to do the same should they leave a review.

Amazon is starting to sue companies and people that leave false reviews to boost the sale of a product. Not that their reviews are false, but disclosure is important.