Harmonix announces their new "virtual music festival" game Fuser

Harmonix announces Fuser, a music game set to release in Fall this year. The game aims to deliver on the fantasy of “headlining the world’s premier, non-stop music festival”.

The idea is for players to mix beats, bass, and vocals to satisfy their crowd, gaining points for good timing and for completing different objectives. You can also share the mixes you make in the game and online, for everyone to see. New songs, gameplay options, and cosmetic items will be unlockable by progressing through the game.

There’s a campaign mode, which comes with challenges, a freestyle play mode to explore different creations, and multiplayer modes for you to test your skills against other players. Fuser will have over 100 songs; the first 16 have already been announced, with songs by Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Imagine Dragons, and Post Malone.

“Fuser builds on over 20 years of learnings – a testament to the things that have worked so well in games like Rock Band and Dance Central”, says Daniel Sussman, Product Manager for Fuser. “Fuser also represents a new kind of music gaming experience; a bold reframing of how players can interact with, and develop a new appreciation for, musical content.”

The game will be playable as a demo at PAX East, and at EGX Rezzed. It’s set to release in Fall.

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