Have your Gaming habits changed with COVID19?

I didn’t create this poll, just reposting it here for us.

Have recent world events changed your gaming habits?

  • I’m spending more time playing games
  • I’m spending less time playing games
  • I’m trying different games
  • I’m replaying favourite games
  • I’m trying out more Xbox Game Pass games
  • It hasn’t had any effect on my gaming habits
  • Other

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What is Covid19?

being an introvert, I am in heaven now. No need to come up with a reason why I don’t want to go out and deal with the gen-pop.
Hope people are safe, do not want anyone to have issues with this virus; but at the same time keep being sick so I can work from home more and not have to deal with people around me.

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Amen! As long as we have our family, PCs, cell teles, food, self defense weapons, TVs and pets all is good!

Not quite sure.