hayterade here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum.

I am trying to find people to play video games with on Sunday and Saturday nights and Monday afternoons. I work full time at CBS News and go to Professional Wrestling School 3 nights a week and Sunday morning so that limits my gaming time. I like smoking pot, drinking wine, and playing video games when I can find the time.

I just got Elder Scrolls Online for XB1 and I would love to find some people to play with. I am in Aldmeri Dominion and play on NA servers. Please let me know if you are often playing during said times. GT: hayterade.

When I am not gaming you can find me playing board games with friends, going on hikes, going to concerts, or just hanging out.

Thanks and game on!

Welcome to the group. We’ve got quite a few people on XB1 ESO, 50+ in our guild. Always someone on, post your GT and someone will shoot you an invite.

My GT TexasReaperCrew. Look forward to playing with you. We have PvP nights on Saturday from 8p-11p EST, and again on Wednesday from 9p-12 EST.

Welcome to the community. Planet of people playing ESO on Xbox.

Welcome to the Clan! I added you to my friends list. As for ESO, we’re usually on NA prime time. We run group PvP on Non Vet campaigns on Saturday and Wednesday (Either Blackwater or Versidue Shaie, usually the later as it’s easy to get all of us in). Come and join us.

I’ll get you added to the guild the next time I’m on XB1 (provided someone else doesn’t).

Thanks for the reply!!! I am only lvl 9 so I got awhile before I am ready for high lvl pvp, but one day I will get there!!! I do often get in a little gaming on Saturday nights, but tonight I am going to Medieval Times!!! my GT is hayterade.

Don’t mistake us for high level players lol. We can hardly stay grouped together at times. But we have a great time and laugh the entire time. Hit level 10, then venture over to Cyrodiil. I would recommend the tutorial once you get there. As Lala said, the veridue shae campaign is most often the one we play. I’ll send an FR once I get out of work.

Just ding 10 and you’re all set for non-vet pvp. I’d recommend joining us as we’re not too serious. It’s all for fun.

THEY LIVE! Welcome to the asylum.

Gt is the same here as Live.

Welcome, Welcome to the…clan! Always someone playing ESO and it’s always a good time.
Gt: The Body Farmer
Will see you in Tamriel when cod clan wars is over

Sent Guild invite.