Hello all! Lets play!

I’m Justin. I’m 30 from SE Texas. I play all sorts or games. My favorites are open world RPG’s. I’m CST zone. I play in the evenings when I get home from work and on the weekends when I’m not fishing.
I play on Steam, Ubisoft and Windows.
Games played: FC series, AC series, Arma2/3, DayZ,Ark, S.O.D, The Hunter, Grim Dawn, Diablo III, Ghost Recon, RDR2, GTA5, Raft and many more. My favorite to join up on is open world survival/crafting games.
I play some tabletop like games like For The King.
If you wanna play hit me up.
GG Ya’ll!


Welcome to grg it’s good to have and a family solid choice of games you play. I enjoyed For the King for a good while and always wanted to try raft but I dont play PC much.


Welcome to GRG @PCGamers get him added!

welcome to the asylum.

raft is really fun since they added the 1st chapter story line. Devs are working hard on that game. huge community on it. its a great fun game with a lot more potential.

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I can aslo help with setting up arma2/3 and day z servers. have been running them for about 6-7 years.

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I wouldn’t mind an arma 3 server dont have days for pc though