Hello All Noob here

Hello All, I am from Texas and I do QA work for a software company by day. I have other hobbies like working on hot rods and stuff, but I play quite a bit of games when I can in the evenings after 8PM CST and on the weekends. Right now I am playing Destiny 2 and looking for a clan and people to do end game stuff with. I have not ventured into the Crucible yet, but I played Iron Banner and quite a bit of Crucible in Destiny. I will admit I was not a fan of them going to 4v4 in Crucible, but I guess I will have to get used to it. Be nice to find some fun people to play Iron Banner with in D2. Anyway I am married and my kids are 2 dogs. Hope to meet some people and see them in D2.


Welcome to the asylum. Make sure you apply to a our Destiny Clan on Bungie.net


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Welcome to GRG!

Welcome aboard.

Welcome Texan!
Now @TEXENT has someone to commiserate with!

I have added you to the DestinyPlayers group, here is a thread on what the forum groups do.
I see you are already in the bungie.net clan, so I won’t go over that again.

Feel free to browse around and join in on some discussions.

Welcome to the club

Sorry, for some reason I thought you were on XBL!

I will add you shortly on PSN (Olz_3) and send you an invite to our PSN community, which makes it easier to see who else in GRG is on there.

Sorry to hear that.

Welcome to GRG!

Also like the Bubbles avatar.


Haha, don’t hold it against me and thanks.

Welcome to GRG!
Don’t mind the east coast yuppy Lala or the Brit unobtainaballs. Happy to have another fellow Texan.


Welcome to GRG!

Dahahaha East coast yuppie Lala. I knew I like @TheBodyFarmer.

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Yup and private matches.