Hello All!

Hey folks. I’m Sadiq from the Caribbean. I game on the Xbox pretty much exclusively. Little late with the intro here…I’m totally unfamiliar with the forum scene. So far you guys have been great with making me feel included and getting me into game sessions. I found you guys while searching the ESO xbox subreddit. That’s pretty much it. My name is Sadiq and I’m a game addict.


welcome welcome …no worries on the late intro. Alot of info passes on the forums…so whether you have a ? about something in a game or looking for some ppl to play…throw up a post anytime.


We’ve gamed a bit together already, but official welcome. The forums have a ton of info and you can keep up to date with events. Added you to the @ESOPlayers and @GTAPlayers groups

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Welcome to GRG, @Capnsadiq! Already had you on my Friends list and been gaming with you on ESO nights.

I did send a GRG XBox Club invite in case you don’t have them.

Welcome to the community.

Thanks guys!

Now that you’re officially here, You won’t get reso staff drops

@xxxNAILBUNNYxxx don’t jinx me!

Welcome. About time you used the forums. Lol

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Welcome to GRG.

GT beers and leafs

Welcome to site

Welcome to GRG!