Hello All

SigMike02 Dragged me kicking and screaming back onto Destiny 2.

I also play SWTOR, (with my Daughter) and World of Warships (with Son). Sadly they both doing the College thing and our time is little. I raised my kids for 16 years as a single parent, and very happy with my life that way…

When not Gaming, I work as a High School administrator, Boys Soccer Coach, Scuba Diving Instructor, and spend time working on my '01 Trans Am Convertible and '68 Camaros RS.



Welcome to GRG!

thank you all

Welcome aboard

Welcome! And love F-Bodies!


welcome…looks like you got into destiny clan…new season today!

Welcome to the community.


That SigMike eh… jeez…

Will add you on Xbox, though I’m admittedly not often on it. Loads here are though, so don’t worry.

Any upcoming launches you’re looking forward to?

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Welcome to GRG!

I do not play a huge variety of games. IMO a lot lack originality or substance. I was really hoping Scalebound was going to be something, till it was canceled. There was another one I was looking to that was also canceled. If God loves me the next Halo will be Epic. Hoping Sundays announcements to Grand.