Hello everyone!

Hi everyone!

I’m Jim - I’m 32, have a wife, 2 kids (and 1 more on the way). I try to play as much as possible, usually after the kids go to bed.

I play mainly on PS4 (Cheese Neck - PSN Name) and PC to a lesser extent (CheeseNeck - steam ID). I’m really hoping to get back into R6 Siege on PS4, but need some folks to ease back in with. I also play Division, Battlefield, Rocket League and plenty of other games on PS4. I do play PUBG on occasion on PC.

Thanks for having me, hope to see you out there!


Welcome to the community.

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to GRG


Welcome Jim!

I’ve sent you a FR on PSN (Olz_3).
Will shoot you an invite to the PSN community too.

I’d play some Rocket League.
Also have The Division and Battlefield, don’t play them much anymore. Got other games too.

I’m mostly obsessed with Fortnite and Persona 5 right now…

Welcome to GRG

Welcome aboard, Jim!


It’s been a while for BF1 for me too…I have a huge backlog of games to sink more time into. Sooo many games.

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Welcome to GRG! Sent a FR from my PSN tag: JohnnyBigRed

I need to dust off Siege again, I haven’t played that in ages. We also have quite a few playing Fortnite BR as well, along with the other games you’ve listed.

Thanks! I may give Fortnite BR another look, I was just playing solo queue before.

It’s way better with a squad. I can play PUBG solo now and then, I need a squad for Fortnite.

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Do you have it on PS?

Dammit…I went PS for that one.

Welcome, I’m just getting back into Siege myself, friend request sent PSN TNTx86

Welcome to GRG!

Cool. Added ya. Played a bit last night and realize I have a lot to learn. Haha.


Be nice if Sony allowed cross platform play…I’ve got quite a few friends who went the Xbox route as well.

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