Hello, from the new guy


Just joined, guess I’ll start by saying hi. My name is Chris, I only currently pay on PS4, where my PSN name is partho23. If you ask nicely, and promise not to get offended, I might explain where the nickname came from.

I am a 43 year old husband, and full time professional. I play a few evenings a week. I enjoy shooters, but my referees aren’t what they used to be…

I played Destiny for a while. But not in about 6 months, I’ll probably pick Destiny 2 up.

I tried Paladins last week, and a completely hooked.

I’m looking forward to Dirt 4, and Project Cars2

I’ll try just about any game. If there’s something I should try, I’m all ears for recommendations


Welcome to the club!


Welcome to GRG

Welcome aboard.

Hi, @Partho23, welcome to the Reapers. @Lala_Calamari will love to hear that you are hooked on Paladins. Haha. How would your username offend anyone, though? That comment will just pique curiosity. Well… It has piqued mine now.


Welcome to GRG. Nice on paladins, wish you were on the Sexbox. I’m desperate for team mates.

Welcome Partho.

I have Destiny and Paladins, along with a few other titles.
I will also be picking up Destiny 2.
I’m in GMT so you might see me online sometimes.

PSN: Olz_3

Thanks for the welcome.

It’s not the nickname itself, but how may great friends came up with it that might offend

Welcome to GRG Partho.


(Ignore this, auto check wouldn’t let me post just that)


Welcome to the Club!

Welcome to GRG! I’m johnnybigred on PS4.

I presume your PS4 is booted up even less often than your Xbone…