Hello, Hallo, nice to meet you!

My name is Kevin, I am 27 years old and from Germany. I’ve always been playing games with people outside of Germany, so I would say my english is pretty good.
My job is driving trains in a steel factory or when needed, I’m taking place as the dispatcher in the office. Last year, I already placed my vacation days for the release of The Division.That means I will have 2 weeks off work with the release :sunglasses:

I was looking for an awesome gaming community to enjoy The Division with.
After I saw the post at thedivisionforums.com/ , I knew THIS is the community I was looking for!
So, thank you very much for letting me join :beers:

I own a decent gaming PC, a PS4 and Xbox One. And Xbox One will be the platform I’ll be playing The Division on. My GT is Hubbarix same for PSN and Steam.

Recently I’ve upraded my Xbox gear with the Elite Controller and the Astro A40 TR + Mixamp pro, to get best experience with The Division.

Since I am german, I can’t say not to beer :beer: and that means late night game-session can be a lot of fun :grin:. Let’s take back NYC and The Dark-Zone.


Welcome aboard. We are all looking forward to next week!

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Welcome to the Glory Hole. You’re up next!

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

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Welcome to the group.

I am loving the Elite controller and the Astro Mixamp Pro TR myself.

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(that’s most of the German I know).

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Amusekus on XBox and PSN. Division is game I really waiting for.

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Welcome! Most people in the community speak like english is their second language anyways PSN:DaKlown4Life

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Welcome to GRG
The Body Farmer on XB1

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Welcome! XB1 Gt: TheGrayBush00

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Welcome to the community.

Protip: Clicking on a users avatar will show their usercard/profile which displays their gamertags.

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Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to GRG!

JohnnyHustler on XB1.
JohnnyBigRed on PSN.

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Welcome to the community!
PSN: AlphaMack

Welcome to the shit show!

Psn: cridkid
Xbone: cridlander
Steam: cridlander