hello? is this thing on?

Okay mel! I’m doing it see! I’m tasha :smiley: (MBBOxBUNNYx). I’m a little awkward so uh thanks for having me. I mainly play xbox but I do play on pc occasionally. Uhm I play Call of duty, Destiny, Battlefield (if I really must),plenty of other things, and am most recently getting to know ARK …it doesn’t like me. I don’t bite so if you need anything just message me.


Welcome to GRG! Sent a FR over XBL.

Welcome Bunny.

Welcome to GRG. Most of us don’t bite either, for the most part.

TexasReaperCrew on XB1


Welcome to the community!

Welcome aboard, you will regret it.

Welcome to the asylum.

You only know because you fell for both of them.

quick pro tip: clicking on a users avatar will bring up their UserCard (Signature), this has their gamertags listed for the systems they play on.

Welcome to the community! I’ve added you to my friends list.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

Welcome! XB1 GT TheGrayBush00

Welcome to the nuthouse…!

Welcome to GRG.
The Body Farmer on X1

Welcome to hell…GT beers and leafs

Nobody here bites either unless you are a dead hooker then watch out for Disneynut. He has a problem.

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Make it sound like I should be more scared than welcome lol I won’t accept puppies or candy nor am I a dead hooker… that one needs an explanation.


Welcome to the party

Welcome!!! You already know who I am :wink: