Hello! New Guy Here.

Happy to be here! I signed up so I could meet some like minded adult gamers for fun and frivolity on Xbox Live.

I recently purchased an Xbox One S after not having a current console for a few years and I’m excited to get back into gaming. I’m currently playing Mineraft (only 7 or 8 years late to the party) and enjoying replaying the remastered Halo titles. I haven’t picked up any newer AAA titles yet, but I’m thinking about Destiny 2. Any suggestions are welcome.

Again, I’m glad to be here and I’m looking forward to meeting you all.


Minecraft and Halo are excellent titles.
I find myself returning to Minecraft occasionally though I’m probably 5 major versions out of the loop right now.

If you enjoy Halo for its gunplay, enemy AI and occasional ragdoll deaths then I would recommend Destiny 2.

We also have a large Xbox group here playing Destiny 2, with a couple people still at low LL. Most are nearer the end-game but would be happy to help you.

I’ll let others recommend any Xbox specific titles to you, I’d recommend Warframe and Rocket League as two very different titles that have enjoyed success for good reason.

Welcome to GRG

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Welcome great time to join up with us GRG d2. We have many many ppl playing each night and we are happy to help ppl along. Look for @ezekielJP and @valiantvictory
i’ll Get you added in asap, should you want to play destiny 2

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Welcome to GRG!

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Welcome aboard.

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We have a large D2 group playing the Foresaken DLC now. Get it and join in!

I added you to my Friends list and sent you an invite to the GRG XBox club.

GT: Lala Calamari

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I lied. I didn’t send an invite. I went to but can’t find your Gamer tag. What’s your XBox Gamer Tag?

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Hey, thanks! I haven’t purchased D2 yet, but I probably will this weekend. My gt is A Cheese Sammich. I’ll add you when I get a chance.

Argh. Autocorrect! A Cheez Sammich.

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Make sure to add that to your profile so people can easily see it.

Sent you that Club invite.