Hello there!

Hi there. Thank you for letting me join. Gamer and Geek here looking forward to playing with and meeting some new people. I’m only on Xbox currently , gamertag “zZBJohnnyZz”
Love all types of games and genres.


Welcome! Added you to my FL. GT is BrambledWhiskey

Welcome to GRG! I’ll add you to my FL shortly. GT = SoInZane

What games are you playing the most of these days?

We have a huge following on Destiny 2 and ESO has a pretty good following too especially with the Summerset Expansion; ARK, COD and Pub-G get plenty of love as well.

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Welcome aboard. I have added you to my friends list.

Welcome, will add you on XBL (Olz 2).

We can get you an invite to our Xbox club too.
What games are you playing currently?

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Welcome! There’s a ton of us on Xbl and we usually have a party open feel free to jump in and hang out.


Welcome to GRG

Welcome to GRG

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Welcome to GRG !

General Kenobi!

Welcome! What are you currently playing? I have some various uppercase and lowercase “z” for sale, interested? I added you, my GT is YggBjorn.

I’ll be adding you and looking for you… we are spread out all over the place.
ESO is my main, followed close by Destiny, and then things get blurry… Ark, GTA, My Little Pony Dance parade… (lala made me play it)

Welcome to the Insane asylum…er I mean GRG

Go ahead and add me, my GT is RuttedClown

Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my friends list and sent you an invite to our GRG XBox club.

XBox GT Lala Calamari

Great ! Joined the club, but I don’t see a friend invite.

Xbox works more like Twitter now. You follow people. You’d have to just follow me back.

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I’m not lying. :joy:

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I am playing far Cry 5 and ESO as well as some clean up on 360. That is until next week when No Mans Sky releases then I will be diving into that for sure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Fuck, another jonny. Jk ha welcome to grg adding you now. Feel free to join/invite me if you see me on!