Hello yall hoping to join the clan with my wife

Hello im Flawd general j, my wife will also be joining the clan. Her gamertag is wpgx vixen. And we play on xbox. Feel free to hit us up.


Welcome to the community.

Welcome to GRG
GT is beers and leafs on the XBone


I saw from Discord that both of you play Destiny 2, in which case I’m sure you’ll be talking with @valiantvictory soon, he’s our Chief Destiny Nerd.

We have an Xbox community group, Destiny 2 clan, DestinyPlayers forum group and Destiny Discord channel, all of which you’ll probably be interested in.

We’ll get you in the first 3, if you aren’t already and the channel on discord is easy enough to find.

Keep an eye out for our community nights on Wednesdays!