Hey everyone Im new. I pretty much just work and train and looking to kick back and have a laugh with some players that have a mic hopefully. It does look pretty good here I gotta say, mostly playing FPS on PS4, pretty mich just COD WW2/MW3 so looking forward to meeting all you lot


Cheers mate

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Welcome to the asylum.

Welcome to group! @Xxbrimarieloaded and I are usually playing COD WW2 nightly, so I’ll add you on PSN and spam invites when we’re playing.

Welcome to GRG!


Welcome aboard.

Welcome to GRG.

Where you from? Somewhere in the UK?

I’ve added you to the PS4Players forum group, here is a thread on what the forum groups do.
There is a CODPlayers group too, you can request access to it here.

I’ll send you an FR on PSN (Olz_3) and then an invite to our PSN community, just makes it easier to find/add other GRG members on PSN.

Welcome to GRG

Welcome to GRG! I see you’ve already been added to the @PlayStationPlayers group. I added you to the @codplayers group as well.