Wanted to come in and say hello to everyone. Glad to see the site still kicking after all these years. I use to be involved in the 2old2play days. Went through a lot of life changes and craziness, but happy to say I’m still around and hope to meet a bunch of you as time progresses. I don’t play as much as I use to as I have a full schedule for work, and a grape farm to run and alpaca to maintain as well as 4 boys, two of which are men now, to help. Just a busy guy I guess. Anyway, I play mainly on PC now and PS5. Currently playing Halo on PC and psychonauts 2. Was into new world for a bit but that mmo is trash. Was hoping for battlefield but it sucks too. Bad year for games. Anyway, glad to be involved and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

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Welcome to Grg its good to have ya. Just don’t let Grex know you insulted New World lol. I enjoy battlefield, I feel I get a different experience from so many others though.


Welcome back @Landdon1. Yeah New World is a buggy mess but what game isn’t these days. Still enjoy it. Now anticipating server merges.

Yeah, I was losing gold, grinding for gear thant never came and playing on a dead server with people cheating in PvP, so yeah. That was if for me.