Hey All

New here… I recently got a PS4 and I’ve found it’s hard to make friends on games these days… everyone’s antisocial… so here I am.
I’m into fps games, strategy, and hack and slash types. So far I only have a few games such as Destiny 1 and Dying Light.
Diapers have taken priority over buying games lately, and that being the case I’ve also had less time to game (though I’m hoping that’ll change soon).

Don’t know if I’m leaving anything out. Just ask if you have any questions, here or on Discord. My phones always on me.



Welcome aboard.

Get him on your friends list @PlayStationPlayers

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Hey Justin, Friend request sent (CheeseNeck). Welcome man!

Welcome to GRG

Sorry you have a Ps4 but welcome to asylum!

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Welcome to GRG, Justin! Ill shoot you a FR. I wouldn’t mind dusting off Destiny 1… D2 is not getting much play from most these days. Also have Dying Light but havent touched it in awhile. See you around.

Welcome Justin.
I’ll add you on PS4 (Olz_3).

Not sure any are playing D1 regularly but most of the D2 players likely still own it.
Sure we could get together for a nostalgia night and rerun a Raid or something.

Popular MP titles at the moment are Fortnite BR (free), The Division, CoD and Monster Hunter.

Welcome to the community.

Welcome to GRG

Welcome to the club I’ll shoot ya a fr soon I got dying light as well. Could be fun to try and get a group together and smash some zombie skulls in

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Welcome to the club and I kinda like the idea of an old D1 night, run some Vault and pretend we are not overpowered assholes…er I mean guardians.

Expect a FR from AgentBond001 soon, most likely no later than tomorrow.

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Welcome to GRG!

Welcome aboard, I’ve been hitting some Crucible on D1 here lately. Feel free to add me psn is catsweat.

Welcome to GRG

Antisocial @justind002 just dropped from our Discord. How will we ever get in contact with him now? 1 Topic created, a whole 4 topics views and 9 whooping posts read.

Come on noobs, you got to at least try to fit in.