Hey all

Hey guys,
just wanted to drop a quick note. ive been away from xbox for a bit, had a few deaths in the family plus I was working on fostering a kid that im related too for a bit and then more death in the family. Then more death in the family. Then im starting a new business so, I’ve been trying to play when I can but that generally means 5 minutes at a time (also I have a desktop able to play pc games again, so cut the time in half ha) any ways I just wanted to say how much I miss playing with you all (@Sniper_T1 mostly lol) but really all of you and hopefully ill have the time to jump back on soon.


Real life always comes first. Do what ya can when ya can. We aint going no where!

Editted to say… So sorry for your losses!

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Wow. That is certainly a ton going on. Sorry for all the loss. Hope the family is well.

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That’s always tough, sorry for your losses @Mowerguy90. Hopefully things will turn around and allow for a little more than 2.5 minutes of Xbox time :slight_smile:

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Sorry for your losses. Also, good luck with your new business.

We know the drill here, real life sometimes takes over.

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can I just point out the irony of you saying sorry for your loss and the only way for me to like the comment is to click on the skull… I kind of dig it lol, but thank you.


Sorry man, hope to see you soon.

Slight aside but the “like” icon does change with the theme you choose (mine is a heart), so you can change theme to see a different icon.

No worries.
Real life always comes first.
Sorry to hear of the family loss.