Hey everybody!

So I’m a PC-only gamer who has been playing videogames since the 90’s and got completely hooked around year 2000 when online gaming became a thing, I’m a social guy so that was just the icing on the cake.

I’ve played all genres over the years but overall I enjoy MMORPGs the most, followed by shooters. I live in EU so would like to know if there is somebody around who plays PC and lives in EU.

PS: Anybody on the WoW Classic hype train btw? or just a little interested maybe :smiley:


Welcome to GRG!

welcome…seems like the anthem hype train is rolling into town…don’t know what the next train will be

Nice, gonna be playing that as well

Welcome aboard.


I’m UK and play PC sometimes, usually indie, strategy or the occasional MMORPG type game.
Not usually FPS since I haven’t got the twitchy reactions or fine aim down.

We have a Steam community which is usually an easy way to find people online at the same time, or our Discord server.

already on discord, will join the steam community though, thanks!

Also send me your discord/steam/whatever id so we’re in touch!

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On pc amd xbox. Will be on Anthem. Also play cod amd apex.

Welcome! Feel free to add me on Steam/Origin/Uplay if you want TheRealKrobar


Mine is unobtainable.

You can tap on profile images here in the forums to see platform handles, including Steam ID.