Hey I’m new!

Hey GRG another new guy here. I’m trying to reestablish gaming as a part of my life which is difficult due to ya know…responsibilities.

Anyway I like shooters and MLB The Show.

What I’m currently playing:

The Show

What I’m looking forward to:

The Day Before

I hope to find out what you all like to play and hop in some games with ya!

Cheers :call_me_hand:t2:


Welcome. I so want to like The Show but I suck so bad at it. I think you will find someone to play all those games with here.

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Well I only play single player modes to this point lol. I’m sure I’d be awful in multiplayer.

Welcome to GRG!

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone.

We have a few guys that play MLB, and we even have a small league, sorta going slowly, but we all are about the same in MP. I much more enjoy playng online against them, then some stranger, no lifer online.

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Welcome to the community

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