Hey there GRG, Coiled Black XONE!

Hey all,

Coiled Black, Xboxone.
Gaming is slow right now but looking forward to getting into some Halo 5, COD BO3, Battlefront shortly. Winter is coming…
Friends with Wansy and Lancehung…


We’ll have a quite a few in those games. Probably a bit more in BO3 and BF.

I’ve added you to my Friends List

XBox GT - Lala Calamari

Just tried to add you and XBox isn’t finding that name.

Welcome to the group, TexasReaperCrew on XB1

Welcome aboard.

Ya sorry, my PS was coiledblack and my Xone is Coiled Black… :beer:

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Got you added.

Welcome to the Asylum. I will be on BF and Halo when they drop. GT Grex

Welcome to GRG! FR sent your way!

(I’ll be playing all of the 3 games you have listed, BTW).


Welcome to the community!


Welcome added to friends.

Welcome. Added. Plain and simple.

I also like beers and leafs!
I will get you all added…thanks!

Welcome to the community. Added you to my FL.
Hope to see you out there in the great gaming beyond!
My GT: azshortbus35

Welcome! Gt: TheGrayBush00

Welcome to GRG. X1 GT: The Body Farmer

Welcome to the party pal

Welcome homie! GT and PSN: DuvalFunk I’ll add you up!