Hi All!

New guy here. 26 y/o out of NA-East. Mostly like playing shooters (COD, OW, and more recently Valorant), but have been known to dabble in sports games as well as WoW. Excited to shoot the shit and people (in the game) with y’all.


Welcome to GRG


Welcome to the ward its gonna be a long stay

I am new here. 40 yrs old. Live in New Jersey. I play COD almost every evening and love to play war zone. Happy Easter and hope to join up with you guys in game very soon

DRUNKINxxxPANDA ON XBOX and activision. Please add me and hope to squad up on war zone soon.

Hey! Welcome to GRG!! I added you to my friends list.

Welcome, I added you to my friends list.

Welcome to GRG
GT beers and leafs on the XBone.

Welcome to GRG, my GT is beers and leafs on the XBone. There are alweays people on playing COD and Warzone. You should repost this intro as it’s own post to guarantee more people see it I’ve added your info to the COD Crossplay list…

Welcome to the Geriatric ward @alfredo5 and @Panda

Welcome to GRG @alfredo5 and @Panda!

I already have @Panda on my friends list and we got him in games.

@alfredo5 are you a PC or XBox player?

Thank! I’m a PC gamer myself I’ll edit my post to include my activision tag, but it’s deez #5626058