Hello everyone. I’m into PC and VR gaming. For PC, I play a bit of everything but I’m mostly into sims, survival, some FPS, and whatever I’m in the mood for. For VR, my go to games are Ghost of Tabor and VTOL VR, so if anyone is into those, please hit me up. I would love to have a battle buddy in those games.

Other than that, I’m a business owner that is in the PC gaming industry so my time varies. I could be available for a game sometimes all the time and sometimes too busy and/or exhausted to get on my gaming rig for days. I’ve been gaming since Commodore 64 and Atari computers were a thing so it’s cool to see where it has headed over the years. I’ve run servers and gaming communities in the past but I’m done with the immaturity and the drama. I’m more down to have a small group to grab a game with and it not feel like a part time job keeping everything in line.

I’m on Discord under the same username (ThePlague), so I guess I’ll keep an eye on that to see what’s going on.