Hi guys

So I heard you guys were a giant sausage fest. Well boys I have come to give a reprieve in that rank. I know it’s weird to have a girl as a gamer but hey what can I say? I’m a college girl who loves to play games in my spare time. I’m looking forward to learning new games and getting to know everyone. My gamer tag is HarleyQuinzel46


Welcome to GRG.

Welcome aboard.


Harley you finally made it. Welcome to the community. Don’t pay attention to the warning signs about crazy people.

Welcome Harley!

Eh, I’d say perhaps less common rather than weird. Perhaps I’m just skewed the other way, my girlfriend games and I listen to two all-female podcasts regularly (which are actually really good - I strongly recommend them).

What games / platforms do you play on?

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I just started playing on Xbox1 due to the love of a friend who got it for me. The games I have played is Eso, division, Warframe and this cute game called unwritten tales 2

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Welcome to GRG


Welcome to GRG HarleyQuinzel. We do actually have a couple of other active female Clan Sisters - @SALT being one. I’ve added you to my FL.

Welcome Harley and fellow DC fan!

Thanks guys I didn’t know we had other girls on here lol makes me feel a bit better

Welcome to GRG

GT beers and leafs

Don’t know if you are interested in destiny2 but @Mowerguy90 and I have been leading weekly raids and group fun in a pve format and it’s been riot. Sometimes it a hell of lot more fun to group fail than have individual glory. @DestinyPlayers (on Xbox same gt)


I must admit that I haven’t ever played destiny 2 so


I should be on by 8:30.

What’s Good Games
The Polygon Show

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welcome to the asylum.


Welcome to GRG Harley ! Good group of sausages here!