Hi hello

Hey, I’m Colto. I’m a software engineer in Oregon, currently in the process of moving to Texas. I have a super rad wife and two shitty, but amazing, little dogs. I like to play Battlefield 1 and Destiny on Xbone. Up for whatever game types or missions, just looking for some cool people to play games with.



I presume you will be getting Destiny 2?
Destiny 1 has quieted down around here but I am expecting a large number of our members to purchase D2.

I see you added PSN and Steam handles too - what games do you play on those platforms?

I have added you to the DestinyPlayers group, someone else will add you to the BattlefieldPlayers group.

There is also a Steam group, search for “Grim Reaper Gamers” there and add one of the admins as a friend if you want an invite.

Welcome to the club!

Welcome to GRG…the family friendly environment…

XB1 GamerTag: GhstWlkrs


XB GT: BrambledWhiskey

Welcome aboard.


Welcome to GRG! I see @unobtainaballs added you to the @DestinyPlayers group. I’ll add you to the @BattlefieldPlayers group as well. I’ll also send an invite to our XBox club and add you to my Friends list.

XBox GT Lala Calamari

Welcome, GT Sniper T1 on the X1.

Welcome to the club.

Welcome to GRG Colto !



Welcome to GRG and a bigger welcome to the great state of TEXAS!!! Don’t let these get to you with their wall and guacamole bullshit.

Welcome to GRG! Send a FR my way to JohnnyHustler on XBL.

Thanks everyone! I’m currently traveling but expect some friend requests coming your way soon.

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I haven’t lit up my PS4 in probably a month or so, but I was playing Horizon ZD. I think my plan is to pick up Destiny 2 for PS4 since I have a few tech friends that play pretty regularly.

As for Steam, I haven’t had a gaming machine in a few years so I mostly just play whatever Mac games come with random Humble Bundles that catch my eye. Besiege is pretty fun when flying without wifi. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Horizon ZD was good, not sure I’ll shell out for the DLC though.

Fair enough, mine is a bit of a potato but keeps up OK with a few titles.
Let us know if you get anything MP, or you can always compare Steam lists to look for crossover.