Hi, I'm Cerberus and I have an addiction ...

… to shooting digital newbs in the face, but also having fun while doing it.

I played with a few of you back in the day and can’t wait to play with you all again. For all the others folks I haven’t met yet, look forward to getting to know you all.

I’m on the Xbox most nights after 8pm Pacific playing whatever shooter or RPG is out there. Right now I am back into COD. GT : Cerberus4417

About me: Husband for 11 1/2 years and father of 3 kids (10,6,1). From the Philadelphia area originally but now live outside Seattle.


Welcome! @XBoxGamers get him added.

Welcome to grg its good to have ya

welcome… many blueberries to shoot in cod, welcome aboard

Welcome Cerb. Glad to see your still gaming.

Welcome to GRG.

GT is beers and leafs on the Xbone and I play a bit of COD…every night basically. Try and hop on, on Wednesdays when we do our community Nights starting at 9EST.

Oh, and good idea moving further away from @Lala_Calamari.

Welcome. Seems like you are still on my friends list.

You threw me off with the Seattle comment in chat yesterday as I was sure you were near me.

Welcome to GRG!
Make sure @beers_and_leafs gets you added to our CoD regiment. We usually have groups on nightly, raging in Warzone for the most part now. Wednesday night we run our weekly customs room.

Going to add you to @codplayers and @XBoxGamers

Also sent you a XBox club invite.

Welcome to GRG!