Hi I'm Emutt.

Hi y’all. I’m 41 and like to game. I heard about GRG from some friends I met at Syndicated gaming. Its nice to have communities to find friends. Life happens and some times I can game, some times I can’t. I mostly play FPS and Rocket League. I like the idea of coordinated game nights so I can plan in advance to be available. This tends to be Friday or Saturday nights mostly, though I do play randomly throughout the week. I am not the best, but am ok on a good day. Mostly enjoy the comradery and shootin’ the shit while playing games.

Feel free to join any game I am playing. I will do my best to reach out as well. Thanks!


Welcome to GRG its good to have new meatshields lol, no one here is good so dont worry. What Fps games do you play? A lot of people play Cod and Destiny on multiple platforms so theres is someone usually there. I game on pc some and xbox as my main place. We host community nights every Wednesday night and try to play whatever we can within the community but not limited to just us.

Welcome to the community

Welcome to GRG.