Hi I'm new here

Hey all. I’m AJ and I got recruited yesterday. I play Xbox360 with Titanfall, Destiny, CoD AW, Minecraft, and Halo Reach. On the PS4 I play CoD AW, Destiny, The Last of Us, and Minecraft. I’m a father of two daughters and have a beautiful wife. My GT is Alaric0503 and my PSN is CrimsonFist0503.

Welcome to GRG, Crimson!

Welcome to the group!

Welcome to the clan!

Welcome aboard.

Greetings an salutations…now have you heard the gospel of the xbox one? If we could borrow a few months of your time…

Welcome to the clan… Now get to work on that body count.

Welcome to the party. any games in the near future you are looking forward to? a few of us are going to pick up Battlefield just for a change of pace. still plenty of COD headshots between now and then tho.

I see where this is going.


That’s not true Purdy.

Welcome! I am slowly transitioning to the PS4 for some games.

you have a PS4 now?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes I have a PS4 as well. Not going to be getting as many games as I hoped though as they are starting to move the game prices even higher in Canada now.

That’s lame. Sony is starting to do a lot of random sales on weekends. Can get done good deals. Dunno if xbox is doing the sane thing.

They are starting too. Only for 1 or two games this year am I buying at release. Any others I will pick up on sale.