hi there thanks for reading

im 43 and i spent most of the last console generation on a xbox but i wanted to try something differnet this time and i managed to get a ps5 . and i love it so far . i am looking for people to play call of duty and maybe some other games like borderlands , over watch , ort maybe destiny 2. i look forward to playing and meeting everyone and i hope you all have a great day


welcome to the community

Welcome to grg got plenty on cod and Destiny and with cod having cross play you can play with everyone we got. Its also been confirmed that destiny 2 will have cross play next year finally so thats also an option.

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to GRG!

@PlayStationPlayers Add him to your friends list!


Good job picking up a PS5ā€¦ Iā€™m still trying to land one.

Im ZedR on PSN and Xbox.