Hiya yall

Hiya the names blake aka twisted. I about to turn 25 in the upcoming year. I’m a pretty chill guy usually laid back till I get into a good game,(then it’s on like donkey kong) I usually play anything from battlefield, to fortinite, all the way to dark souls 3, and so many more. I work an 8-5 working at a scrap yard so I’m usually on in the mid to late evening central time. I hope I can get to know everyone.


Hey man, welcome. What platform do you play on?

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Welcome aboard.

I guess I shoulda put that in there huh. hehehe. I play on the ps4 my psn is TwistedGunsmith


@PlayStationPlayers make sure to get him on your friends list!

@PlayStationPlayers And don’t be shy I’m always looking for people to game with. Multi player games get boring by yourself.

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Welcome to the community.


Welcome Blake!

Sent you an FR on PSN (Olz_3) and can invite you to our PSN community after that.

I’m playing a bunch of Fortnite right now, got into the PvE mode too (StW) - you played any of that or just the (free) Battle Royale mode?

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Welcome to GRG

Thanks everybody pretty active place. And I have only played the free version is the pve worth buying?

I would say so.
Watch some gameplay videos, see if you’d enjoy it.

If you can find it on sale it’s a decent price.
Otherwise you might prefer waiting, given that it’s supposed to go F2P later this year.

Welcome aboard! sent you a friend request on PSN.

Welcome to GRG Twisted !

Welcome to the community! I went ahead and added you on PSN. I pay a bit of Battlefield 1, Destiny 2 and COD WW2. Lately I’ve been mesmerized by Elite Dangerous and have spent most of my nights playing that.

Thanks guys feeling like this is a pretty good group!


Welcome Amigo! Not on PS currently but the few PS exclusives on the way are looking to change that lol

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Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to GRG

Welcome to GRG, I’ll go ahead and send a FR to ya, expect one from AgentBond001 today :3