Home Intercom Advice Appreciated

Hey are any of you guys familiar with mid-range tier home intercom systems… not home installed… just standard issue FM/Wireless Secure band intercoms. I have been researching and looking for something that would work between 2 houses. About 500 ft apart. Any advise would be welcome.

I was looking at something like this:

But I’m severely on the fence. Any thoughts are welcome.

Two amazon echo dots. Or more… net connection needed, but you can connect them and drop in on the other. I do it at home when my kid doesn’t listen to me and I don’t want to yell they the house. $35/each dot.


I like that idea. I had played around with the idea of doing something like that. That way my grandma could just talk and not to press a button. But she doesn’t have internet, and I’m dubious if I could reliably repeat our Comcast signal to her house. Not to mention, I’m not so sure Alexa is best suited for a 94 year old. That’s why I was thinking Secure Band, or lite FM.

Uniden base station. Works on vhf good for about 50 miles+

We use Alexa in our house and actually I have one in my office at work that can still be used as one. One issue is the speakers on the Dot are on the weaker side.

Excellent. Plan is all coming together…

Yea… I think we’ll go with a Citizen Band radio system.
I think we still have a few laying around in the machine shop.

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Just tap on the walls using Morse code.

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