Horror Game Will Be Taken Off the Market Once Everyone Dies

So i think this is kinda neat. I’m going to try and pay attention to what happens inside this world of this game…

Upcoming horror game The Flock will feature a depleting population based on player deaths - and once that population has run out, the game will no longer be playable. Dutch indie developer Vogelsap puts The Flock’s lifespan in players’ hands. Players will play as one of the creatures that make up the titular Flock - but with each player death in-game, one life will be taken from the Flock’s population. When the population reaches zero it’s game over, and The Flock will never be available to purchase or play again.

The Flock’s population countdown will be available to view in menus, on the Steam store page, at Vogelsap’s website, and on The Flock’s subreddit so that players can monitor the number of lives left.

It depends on the price. I doubt that 60 bucks will go over well if it’s a finite amount of play. Not sure I like how they’re going to just kill the game off when it reaches a certain number of deaths. If it was season based where gameplay fires up again later on, maybe…but this has me wary.

its a steam game so i highly doubt its anywhere close to $60… be interesting to see how it pans out.

Not getting my money. I hate buying a early access game that gets cut after they get my money. I sure as hell am not paying for a game I know has a limited life span.

If it’s 99 cents I might would.

wonder what the life span is… says teh games population, not player population… could be 5mil. or could be the biggest troll ever. game is cut off after an hour lol

Pretty creepy, apparently when the end comes there is some sort of endgame that everyone plays before it goes offline. Not sure I’d pay much for it either but it does make me curious on how it ends.

Johnny would never even have a chance to try the game.

Seems weird. Not sure I get the gameplay. Seems like you really don’t have a chance to survive