How active is GRG in ESO on Xbox One?

I’ve been playing ESO a bit on the Xbox One and was wondering a) how active GRG is, and b) if I could get a guild invite?



I can shoot over an invite later. We actually do have a few that play (me being one) but nothing real organized.


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there are at least 4 of us that are into ESO but gravitate to shooters (in this case D2) for special events, I’m back to ESO tomorrow…already committed to D2 for community night


Yeah, I’m active in Destiny 2, but I’m the clan founder for another group I’m actively part of (Old Timer’s Guild, mainly a PC guild), but I noticed that I haven’t seen a lot of folks on lately.

How many people do we have actively playing D2?

Quite a few of us jumping back and forth from ESO to D2. Ive been off for a bit due to life but will be diving in again this week. We have enough to run dungeons and keep chat busy id say. I tend to run dungeins with the guys and then in D2 we have raids kicking, iron banana, bit of everything really.

Shoot a friend invite to @h2daddy for sure, he is on pretty much everyday. @ezekielJP and @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx are also on throughout the week regularly. @Lala_Calamari is on throughout the week upgrading his horse so he can later tell us how slow we are. :joy:

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Yea, you’ll fit in nicely.
We have about 8 or 10 of us in D2 that are regulars who are also pretty devoted ESO players too. We did nothing but play IB last week and talk about playing ESO, LOL… it’s all @valiantvictory’s fault we all got sucked back into D2 for the last 2 weeks. I had a real good run getting people leveled up in ESO to get ready for high level Cyrodill and Dungeon Farming.

Alas, @h2daddy was the only devoted hold out who has now surpassed most of us in not only level, but understanding of the game. LOL.

So yea… you found a home for ESO and some D2 shenanigans . Welcome… adding you to FL.

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we had about 12 different people playing IB over the course of the week that I saw (between 9p and 1a est). The most we had concurrently was 9 last wednesday for community night. we usually get all the clan engrams except trials…the PS4 peeps sometimes kill that one for us but sadly, like many, may have moved on to other games…any @DestinyPlayers wanna correct my numbers

Would it be out of line to suggest to your clannies that they come on over to GRG? We are alot more than (cannot believe I’m saying this) Destiny.

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There are a handful of us that play. We used to have a regular night until a bunch of new games came out. I’ve ran dungeons with @h2daddy recently and kelseama has started back up again. ESO and Overwatch are my main games right now. If you ever want to run PvE quests or dungeons, it won’t be hard to do.


Why you fuckers don’t upgrade daily is beyond me. You’d all have faster horses by now. Probably a good 30-40 in speed.


For any @ESOPlayers that enjoy Pvp, want to get better, learn from long-time players, and talk shit for a few hours a night whisper me for a Red guild invite.

I know most of us have AD but believe me a lot of the AD guys in Pvp are dickheads and nothing better than t bagging them on your Pact character.

Just create any level (at least 10) EB toon then bring to Shor. This is nightly 9-12est, there is always at least 10 minimum up to full 25 group. So create and come play.

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I train mine for capacity. I have saddle bags. Slow and steady.


Already have an EP toon created. Will whisper next time I see you on.


Oh good. My toon is AD already.

I did a few quests last night. They changed the leveling rewards…I got a free crate for hitting 30!

All PvPers are dick heads.

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that’s what we cannot follow the crown…we are not big enough A-holes

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So what you are saying is @valiantvictory, “he who wears the crown is the biggest asshole” ???

I’d rather PVP with my dogs. They understand simple commands like “Group Up!”. A concept beyond the reach of GRG…


Invite sent.