How can I change my profile picture?

Okay, I’m no techno noob, so sorry for the easy question, but, how can I change my profile picture from the green circle? In Profile Preferences I can upload a new Profile Background and User Card Background and all other settings, but there are no options next to Profile Picture - am I missing something?

Go to Site Home and in the far right corner click you profile icon. go to your profile and click edit profile it should have a spot to upload a profile picture

Isn’t it pulled in from Gravatar?

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Yes I believe. Just waking up but we will get you the answer.

Yes, we recommend you use Gravatar.. Make sure to use the same email that you signed up with on this site. You can edit your profile on the main site here. . You can upload your own pic if you like. I

After you change it make sure to log out then back in and it will synch over to the forums.


@anon3687162 @Grex Actually I thought there were two sets of profiles, one for the main site and one for forums, because when I created my account I immediately uploaded a profile picture at the profile page you mentioned Grex, ala:

But when I go to all I see is:

try logging out and back in again. it should be fixed now.

That’s a negative : (

sorry one more try

If you meant for me to log out and log back in one more time, looks like it still didn’t stick.

Odd, it should pull from gravatar

Thanks! Finally got it!

OMG You look just like your Xbox picture!! lol