How dead is Halo here?

I know. Years late.
Is there any interest in playing Halo with Oddball coming back?
I just got the MCC and H5. I’m going to start a play-through.
Thinking about digging into some of that old school Halo MP action while I’m at it.

We had a pretty good Halo night going for a while last spring. May be time to see if an occasional Halo night will draw on Monday again.

Halo is pretty dead. Only a few play it or would. @HaloPlayers The best we can ever really do is just a game night here or there.

I’d like to get some Oddball games in at some point. Just going to be tough with the CoD / Destiny / fall games crack that’s going on now.

Since I have1 barely touched 5 I plan to check it out with the 4k update.

@ixL0N3W0LFxi seems like we may have a few. @razorace1 just asked to be put in the @HaloPlayers group.

We encourage GRG Members to help run events. Let us know if you want to run a night of Halo. Give me the details and I’ll put it in the GRG Weekly Spam (newsletter, get it to me before noon on Wednesdays).

I would but I’m working evenings now. So only Fri sat and sun work for me.

I would be up for a Halo night.