How do you FallOut?

So earlier today I loaded up Fallout with the intentions of playing more through some of the side quests and exploring some. I just reached Diamond City and ended up exploring to the East of it. Found a couple raiders and which of course I got to play with VATS using my Sledge Hammer (I hid behind a bus and waited for the shooting bandits to slip around the corner).

Well after looting them I found myself over-weighted yet again. Luckily i was able to pass just enough loot over to my companion that i could utilize the fast travel. Its really terrible…i like to hoard things and this is one of those games that of course encourages it.

Finding myself back at sanctuary, I unload the loot and salvage a few items when I get a message that a settlement (Tenpines Bluff) is under attack. I drop everything and fast travel to the location to see what the stir is… I end up finding a crap load of ghouls flooding into the field chopping away on the settlers. I drop a Heavy Turrent and get through the attack no problem.

Now up until this point i really havent done much with the settlements but being that i was playing ark some last night, i was in the building mood… I decided that i was going to patch up the half destructed house and try to make it some kind’ve Settlement Base…

Now everything upto the Base Building part happened within about 30min… Then I decide to “quickly” Patch up this house…Almost 3 hours later… Still looking and planning…

So if you play Fallout game…ie FO4 being the newest… How often you not doing what you intended when you start? Do you go in planning one thing and then end up doing something completely different?

Fallout 4 is the first FO game with settlements.

They are a huge distraction for me. One of the reason I have so many hours in the game already. The funny thing is after the first few settlement/minutemen missions they are completely optional. You don’t have to deal with them at all, but what fun is that.

Leveling strength, using your companion ,power armor, and perks (Lone Wanderer Perk can be used with dogmeat) all help you carry more stuff. You also can setup supply lines to transfer all your items from one workshop to another. Idicabandit posted a tip in the Fallout Tips thread explaining them and how they work. So check that out.

Also any junk that you have can be moved straight to your workbench and will be salvaged for you as the mats are needed. There was a time when I was dropping items on the ground to salvage them.

Side quest are another huge distraction in the game, as well as exploring, checking out gun shots in the distance, oh look a squirrel!


I have not satiated my ADD in almost a week so i am looking forward to dumping some more time into this game. As with all Bethesda games I wonder around most of the time oblivious to the main story arc. This has been a problem of mine since Morrowind. I love and hate it at the same time because most times i will forget what i am supposed to be doing also if i dont pick up the game in a while i will be completely lost as too qhat part of the story i am in so i have to stick with this one

Yea, this is my biggest issue with FO4. I’m constantly messing with my settlementson with the intention of just checking on them. I end up staying around in each one and doing nothing for 3 hours. I havent done much on the main story at all.

I am not even sure what the main mission is anymore.

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Find your son.


i have pretty much stayed away from settlements for the most part and have be purely focusing on questing and exploring. What I loved best about FO in the past. I do get hung up at times with the settlements but the only one that has anything going is sanctuary.

I did loose one of the traders, trash can Tracy or some shit like that. Think she stepped on one of my mines at red rocket. came back to red rocket once and found her dead at my doorstep.

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120 hours in the game. Hit level 50 last night and I finally just started the main campaign missions. I spent most of my time just exploring the wasteland but I still find myself getting sucked into the settlements all the time. I go to do a quick check on them for ten minutes but the next thing I know a couple hours has gone bye.

Game should come with a Surgeon General warning for those with OCD…


This Amazon review made me laugh.

“My life is in shambles… I have spent the past week not doing any housework and have devoted every spare second I have to this game. I have made it through maybe 3 quests in that time… why you may ask? because my settlement is a glorious walled in fortress and I am its local leader and slum lord. I may never find what happens to my son but I will own the greatest cities the wastes have ever seen!”


Does the Brotherhood Of Steel story line go anywhere?

After the Prydwin showed up I thought I’d get some fun quests. So far I’ve only gotten technical documents and escort the scribe quests.

Speaking of the scribes. The fucking scribe keeps jumping into firefights and getting killed. You would think the game would let you communicate with the dumbass and tell them to stay put until you can clear out all the bad guys.

I just got aboard the BOS flying ship thingy. I will continue from there tonight.

I havent dont much beyond the first BoS quest at the police station. Did hear that you can get a power suit set from them.

Yes, you do get the T60 power armor.

Ive found a couple of T60 suits so far wandering around as well. They aren’t
full sets though. You can get T60 armor parts and fusion cores from BOS members who are lying dead during and shortly after a battle. If you see a Virtibird in a battle close by run to it. If it gets shot down loot the dead.

I found a full set of T60 BOS about 20 minutes before the mission where they give you a full set. Kinda funny.

Where did you find it?

I don’t remember it was many hours ago.

damn you

I have been piece mealing in armors sets together to make a full set. Got like three empty frames at the rocket station.