How do you get the GRG profile pic on xbox

I saw some members having the GRG logo on their Xbox profiles and I want one… Please.

You have to download the Xbox beta app on pc to change it. I can post the image as soon as I get back to my pc.

You can also download the XBox Beta app on your smartphone and change it there as well.

It works on mobile now? I tried the day it was announced and it wasn’t available on a mobile device yet.

Seems only Android can do this

I can’t see the option but I remember reading the patch notes stating you can. You had to have the beta.

I must be confused. I’m old, give me a break.

Download the beta app on my phone ( already had an Xbox app) and got told you have to change on a PC or a console. GOING to try on PC when I got done fishing because I know console won’t work.

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Whats the difference between the Xbox App and the Xbox “beta” app?

The ability to add gamer pics.

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The beta app has the new features they are testing to release.


Posted today for Android Users.

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Couldn’t find Xbox beta on apple so don’t think its available for us yet.

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