How do you play? (Man Room/ Game Room Pictures)

Bringing back an old thread from back in the day. Man room/Game Room pics. So, lets see them…

I’ll start with my gaming area…

For the nerds…

Samsung 40" LED
Headsets: Polk Striker, Razer Kraken 7.1, TB PX5
PC: I7 860 (OC 3.5), 16 GB RAM, GTX 760 4GB, 2x 40GB SSD, 750 GB WD Caviar Black, Bluray, BMI Intensity Pro capture card, Elgato Game Capture HD, Razer Naga mouse, Corsair mechanical keyboard
Not pictured: White PS4, 65" Samsung LED with Yamaha Surround


Nice, I’ll take pics tomorrow when i have good lighting and put them in here. i enjoy the action figure case.

One day I’ll post some of those up. I used to make dioramas for Walking Dead figures. I just don’t have time anymore.

Digital, L2CableManagement!

Otherwise I’m jelly.

It used to be so neat. I had it all tied up with velcro cable ties. Then I moved everything to a new location got busy and never got back to tie it all back up.

Nice pics. Who designed that website. Looks awesome.

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Used to have 3 HD tv’s down here but I gave them to my son when he moved out. One is all I need.

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I Repainted the room recently and havent put anything behind my TV. It’s a 40" cuz i can’t fit anything bigger in the space. My rig is pretty hidden, bought this desk from staple for $120 bucks, glass top with storage on the side. only thing i did was drill some holes for wires and additional venting.

(don’t mind the DVDs, going through ebay to see what they sell for.)

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  • New PC
  • New TV, Sound Bar, and TV Stand/Mount
  • New Leather wheel add-on for my Thrustmaster TX

Blue Light Special!!
Is that from ambient LEDs or are just trying to rave out?

I have RGB light bulbs in the overhead fixture. They work with a remote.

I could rave out. They have different light cycles. Put each on a different cycle and crank up the techno.


How low can you dim those bulbs? I need to replace my recessed lights but need bulbs that can dim ultra low. Like barely on.

What brand are those lights?

You can dim them so much that you can see they are on by looking up at them but the room is almost completely dark. The Indigo or Purple (like a blacklight) is great for movies. It gives just enough light to see to walk around.

I would love to do the whole house in Philips Hue. It’s all controlled by smart phone or Alexa. The problem is you are talking $500+ to do the whole house. The Codiak ones work fine for my game room.


I’m assuming you replaced the dimmers for the lights. I think mine are just for incandescent bulbs.