How does everyone play Destiny?

I’m just curious what everyone does when they hop on. Do you use an LFG app to do the raids? Do you mostly just solo? Part of any discord groups? /r/fireteams? Join clanmate’s parties randomly?

I’ve been back on the game for 3-4 weeks now after playing at launch and sparingly with each expansion but never really did much raiding or any of the content without matchmaking. I fear if I play much more solo I will get bored again. I really do want to play the more difficult content but not really sure how to go about it.

I know in the last raid thread it was mentioned there aren’t a lot of PS4 players so I installed the game on XBOX and would consider buying the expansions if it meant there were people to join up with every night.

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Xbox has lots of people playing @destinyplayers

Yea there is a solid group on every night…we always have a party up and many times have multiple activities going on in same party…if we go pvp, or raid we usually break off as we need comms clear…we raid every Saturday as a group…I know some ppl lfg other times…it’s hit or miss with Endgame content and lfg what’s your gt, I’ll get you added to the destiny clan…that way you can see who is on in the clan and party up with ease

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Cmon Val you know better than that.

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Are you in the GRG Clan? If so you should see who is on. Just start hopping into parties and they will get you into activities. Don’t be shy.

There is a weekly Raid on Saturday. Sign ups are in the forums. Every week @valiantvictory posts a new thread so make sure to reply if you’re interested so he can form raid teams.

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I thought I was in the GRG clan, but then I got another invite to a GRG clan. There must have been two from before they become cross-console. The PS4 one I was in had like 4 active players but this new one has a lot more. I have thought about swapping back and forth doing non-dlc required activities on XBOX and dlc required ones on PS4, but I tried to do something simple like a black armory on XBOX and never got matchmade with anyone. I’m not sure if that was a one off scenario or if XBOX has less people in general. I’ll keep a look out for any activities here I can do on XBOX. Hopefully there’s a deep discount on black Friday so I can pick up the dlcs on XBOX to play more with you guys. I wish the dlcs could be cross purchased like the season pass…

mmm…I dont have my cross save up yet but i thought i was supposed to have access to everything and the “other” platform w/o paying again…I have never really had a any issues with matchmaking except load times on xbox

You have to buy all the DLCs for each platform you play on. New Light helped with some of older content but in order to play the new stuff you have own the DLC on the platform you are playing on.

You should be able to match for Black Armory. I have done a few forges and working though some of the quests for that now.

Add me as a friend as well as everyone else. See a party, crash it, and join anytime.