How to setup an automatic age gate for Discord?

As some of you may know I setup a Discord server for running a VTT RPG every friday night. I am thinking of opening it up for more people. Of course any member of GRG is welcome to join, just PM me for a link. However I am thinking of opening it up to the general RPG community on Reddit. I would like to keep an 18+ age minimum. Is there a bot or a method for auto verifiying an age minimum for Discord?

Thanks for your time!

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No idea although I haven’t kept up with current bots for discord. We kind of just set GRG’s up and haven’t really looked past what we have.

Also have one for the ReaperCast that records voice chat but that’s it.

While i see how it could work to use a bot or other mod tool…the way we handle discord membership seems like a good way to go. General is open to all…but you must apply to the site to get approved to get the other channels…you could put the RPG stuff on one of those channels and restrict membership to those over 21…and yes ppl might lie but you will probably know pretty soon after if they are a squeaker.

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That is what I am doing, there are a few different categories. One for GENERAL which was recently changed to MEMBERS, and separate categories for the campaign I am running, a category for one shots, and a category for a Robert E Howard’s Conan campaign I am working on. Last night I put up a rules channel that new comers land on and will hide the MEMBERS category until the user clicks on a reaction to agree to the rules and then CARL-BOT auto-assigns the MEMBER role to them.