How to share Xbox One clips - The easy way is a service that pulls all your clips and screen shots from your Xbox One with out having to manually upload them to OneDrive. This makes the process of sharing them with us so we can get them on the GRG YouTube channel much easier on you.

Simple steps to share:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for your GamerTag
  3. Find the clip you want to share and select it
  4. Copy and Paste the web address and share it in this topic Share your game videos with the community

That’s it, nothing else to do on your part.

It also has a cool feature of making 15 second GIFS out of your clips. If you don’t care about it being on YT and just want to share it with the community this is a easy way to go about it. Just remember the 15 sec time limit.

To share GIFS in the forums just copy and past the Direct Link from imgur. It will auto upload there.



Damn. Need something like this for PS4

Not that bad.