How To Start Destiny 2’s New ‘Pit Of Heresy’ Dungeon

Dungeons are a good time in Destiny 2 . They’re more involved and more obtuse than a strike, but they’re not quite as expansive as a Raid. They’re a way for three-person fireteams to experience some of the more complex mechanics that define the Raids. And we’ve got a new one today, arriving as it does alongside the Festival of the Lost: it’s called the Pit of Heresy, and it’s a pleasant little romp through a nightmarish hellscape beneath the surface of the Moon. Not that this is really anything new. Here’s how to find it.

Start by heading to the moon to chat with Eris, who will give you a quest. That will send you to Sorrow’s Harbor, where you can take part in a new “Altars of Sorrow” public event sort of thing not unlike Escalation Protocol. Basically, you and whoever else is around has to destroy increasingly large waves of nightmares to advance to the final altar, where you have to face down a nightmare of Phogoth.

Altars of Sorrow is a good time in and of itself, particularly right now because it’s well-populated. I was easily able to get six guardians absolutely laying waste the nightmares as they appeared, and it wasn’t a terrible place to farm ability kills for the Undying badge, either. You only need to kill 20 nightmares and reach Tier 3 to progress the quest, but chances are your group will be able to manage Tier 5 and earn a fancy new weapon. Head back to Eris to complete the quest.

After that, things couldn’t be simpler: head to the map and activate the new Dungeon, called “The Pit of Heresy”. Figuring this out took me…longer than I care to admit. After that, just

I’ve only messed around in here a tiny bit: my favorite part is when you enter the “Necropolis” area at what I’m guessing is the midpoint of said pit. You get a new objective that says only “Necropolis”, only there’s an unchecked box next to it. Got it! It’s a great-looking place though, and well-timed for Halloween. It’s one of the larger Hive areas we’ve had for a long time, and so far I can hints of the larger puzzles we’ll be piecing together. Time to figure it out, so away we go.

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